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Own Brand Oils

C P Lubricants   Tel:  02380 337800   fax:  02380 337801

  Specialist  in blending oils                       

C P Lubricants specialise in own brand lubricants.


Many customers prefer to market their lubricants under their own image making the product unique.

We can cater for all requirements and will be of particular benefit for customers requiring specialist oils.

To discuss your requirements, please contact our sales office who will be only to pleased to assist you.



If the product you require is not available from our extensive range of products, then we can blend to your exact requirements. Contact our technical department to discuss your needs.


Problem Solving

Many of our industrial customers do from time to time have a specific problem on one machine or operation.

Rather than put up with the problem, why not let our technical dept formulate a special product to solve your problem?

Technical Department Tel 02380 337800 or E-Mail