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The LubeMaster range of oils have been specifically designed for the modern service garage.

From high-tech fully synthetics through to classic oils.

Lubricants for all applications

In recent years we have seen substantial advances in automotive engine designs, together with stricter environmental requirements. The engine manufacturers are demanding longer and longer intervals between servicing and thus greater expectations on Lubricant life.
Lubricant manufacturers have spent vast sums of money developing new oils to satisfy these needs, producing synthetic oils that meet low metallic anti-wear additive requirements to ensure protection of exhaust catalytic converters and exhaust treatment systems.

It is vital that the correct balance of performance and price be found and the end results are lubricants that not only will last longer, but significantly reduce the amount of engine wear and endeavour to keep the environmental cleaner throughout the vehicle’s life.

In today’s ever increasing awareness for cleaner emissions, Governments are imposing very strict limits on emissions and this is echoed in the new regulations on MOT tests. It is also recognised that the main reasons for failure are poorly maintained and/or worn engines.

With the above statements in mind, are you using the correct performance lubricant ?

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