Automotive Gear Oils

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Transmission Oils

Product 20 or 25 Litre Price Per Litre 205 Litre Price Per Pack Specification
EP 80w/90 £2.65 £467.71 API:GL-5
EP 85w/140 £2.84 £531.36 API:GL-5
75w/90 SemiSynthetic £2.90 £542.43 API:GL-5
75w/90 SemiSyn Ltd Slip £2.93 £547.97 API:GL-5
EP 90 £2.51 £467.71 API:GL-4

Synthetic Transmission Fluids

High performance fully synthetic gear oils manufactured from a blend of synthetic oil, sheer stable viscosity index improvers and multipurpose extreme pressure additive systems, offering a high level of performance when compared to straight mineral oils whilst being compatible with mineral oils which enables them to be simply used as a replacement product on a drain and fill basis.

For use in high performance manual transmissions, spiral bevel axles, high load drive axles, hypoid axles and steering units. The use of these products will often smooth and improve manual gear changes in previously “notchy” gear boxes.

Prices may be obtained on application,  see ATF Synthetic below or click on "Contact us"

Automatic Transmission Fluids

Formulated from highly refined base stocks and an additive package designed to impart the requirements of oxidation stability and anti-wear characteristics. Benefits of longer life and use in the more severe conditions of service demanded by the test requirements of this up to date performance fluid. Automatic transmission fluids that demonstrate excellent frictional stability and EP characteristics ensuring confidence of operation in passenger cars and heavy duty equipment throughout its service life.

• Constant frictional performance.
• Oxidation stability.
• High temperature operation stability.
• Wear protection.
• Low temperature fluidity.
• Seal compatibility.
• Smooth operation of power transmission and power steering systems.



Product 20 or 25 Litre Price Per Litre 205 Litre Price Per Pack Bulk 500 + Litres Specification
ATF Dex II £2.20 £409.59 Price On Application MB:236.7 GM:Dexron IID Ford:Mercon M2c 166-H Allison:C4 Caterpillar:TO-2
ATF Dex III £2.80 £523.06 POA MB:236.9  MAN:339 Z1,V1,Z2,V2  Volvo:97341  GM:Dexron IIIH  Allison:C4,TES 389  ZF:TE-ML 02F,03D,04D,09,11A/B,14A/B,16L,17C.  Not for use as Ford Type G ATF Fluid
ATF Synthetic £3.73 £700.18 POA MB:236:12,14,15,16,17 & 41 Volvo: 6 SPEED   ZF: 6 SPEED S671 090 255 Lifeguard Fluid 8 TE-ML 11

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