Lithium soap based Grease’s with extreme pressure additives.

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Product 12.5 Kg Keg Specification Get a quote
EP 0 £56.72 Semi Fluid with Extreme Pressure additives and Multipupose
EP 00 £56.72 The Most common grade (The more 0's.. the more fluid)
EP 000 £56.72


Product Case of 12 x 400gm Cartridge Specification Get a quote
EP 2 £25.15 Lithium based, Multi purpose NLGI:No 2 viscosity, with EP additives
Lithium Complex EP No 2 £28.31 Extreme Pressure additives for Higher Temperature use, dyed Red
Molylithium No 2 £29.30 Black Grease with solid lubricant additive NLGI:No 2 viscosity for clevis pins and bushes or plain bearings
Water Resistant Grease No 2 £28.98 A premium quality, water resistant grease for use in industrial and marine applications
Bentone 2 High Temp £31.10 Premium quality high temperature grease which remains stable throughout a wide temperature range.

Food Safe Greases & Lubricants

We have a whole range of NSF grades of Grease, Oils and Aerosols, please ask for details

Interesting info: Think of grease as a sponge that's impregnated with an oil and when you squeeze it the oil is released onto the surface to be lubricated. The sponge is just there to hold the oil onto the surface

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