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Contains cationic, amphoteric and non-ionic surfactants that cling to paint, pulling off dirt and grease. The addition of water softening agents ensure the product cleans streak free in hard water areas even when diluted to 0.5 %

MasterWash 1 is a high activity blend which means it will clean even heavily soiled machinery and plant equipment, if used neat it will remove grease.

High caustic formula (3%) means it will remove all types of dirt and grease from floors and factory work areas.

As MasterWash 1 is a double concentrate it may be mixed 50/50 with water to give a standard detergent mix for dilution again.


Product 1 Litre Price Per Litre Get a quote
MasterWash 1 £11.55
Product 5 Litre Price Per Litre Get a quote
MasterWash 1 £24.36

Absorbant Mats for Collection Oil & Fuel

Hydrophobic, will only collect Fuel and Oil and repels water Will absorb 2 litres per mat, depending on liquid viscosity 

Used in Workshops and Marine boat bilges to collect oil/fuel, Machine Shops to collect oil from the surface of slurry tanks

Price: OD100 Box of 100 Mats 40x50cm £ 34.55 (3 pence per mat)
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Absorbant Mats for Collection Oil & Fuel £37.70


Use through steam cleaners or cold pressure washers or hand applicators to clean truck and van bodies, engines and chassis. It may also be used through special wash systems. Its high caustic formula means it should be diluted carefully to ensure that paint surfaces are not dulled.


Through brush washing equipment both scrubbing machines and chassis systems at 0.5 to 1 %

Steam and cold high-pressure systems at 1 to 2 %

General hand application via trigger spray at 1%

Dilutions are given as a guide only as each application will have varying requirements. It is recommended that tests be carried out to obtain optimum dilution.

Rhino Goo Fast Action Cleaner

Biodegradable & Powerful | Fast Action Cleaner | Aluminium Friendly Non Caustic

For Motorsports, Motorhomes and Marine environments

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