A range of full & semi synthetic Fluids

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Steam Cylinder Lubricants

A range of compounded Steam Cylinder Oils with varying viscosities designed for use in all steam engine applications. Formulated from high quality base oils that is resistant to oxidation, thermal degradation.

For the lubrication of steam engine cylinders in locomotives and stationary engines working with either superheated or saturated steam.

Premium quality paraffinic oils formulated to meet the most stringent oxidation requirement of circulating hot oil systems. They have outstanding thermal stability and oxidation resistance at sustained operating temperatures up to 250°C, are non-corrosive to steel and copper.

Heat transfer oils are suitable for use in industrial closed systems and low temperature open systems. The recommended maximum temperature range for closed systems is 315°C and for open systems 180°C.

Product 20 or 25 Litre Pack Per Litre Price 205 Litre Pack Price Information
Heart Transfer Oil SHT £1.94 £359.78 ISO Viscosity 32 @ 40Deg C
Heat Transfer Oil 22 £2.06 £354.24 ISO Viscosity 22 @ 40 Deg C
Product 20 or 25 Litre Pack Price Per Litre 205 Litre Price Per Pack Information
SteamMaster 460 £3.89 £672.50 ISO Viscosity @ 40 Deg C: 460
SteamMaster 680 £4.28 £752.76 ISO Viscosity @ 40 Deg C: 680
SteamMaster 1000 £4.71 £827.48 ISO Viscosity @ 40 Deg C: 1000

Scaffold Fitting Lubricant

For scaffolding fittings formulated with tacky additives and anti-wear properties

Product 20 or 25 Litre Price Per Litre 205 Litre price Per Pack Information
TubeLube 150 £1.40 £266.50 Viscosity: SAE:10 ISO:32

Synthetic PlateCut Stamping & Nibbling Fluid

Cutting fluid formulated specifically for punching, shearing, and nibbling both sheet and plate metal.  Suitable for brass, aluminium, copper, carbon steel, and stainless steels.

Product Case 12 x 1 Litre Information
PlateCut Concentrate £140.92 Synthetic Fluid Ready to mix with water at required ratio
PlateCut 10 £80.10 Synthetic Fluid, Ready to Use, Direct application, Two Spray Bottles included in each case

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